john-fennig-2013-bio-picture-webFor 20 years, Dr. Fennig and DRIC have provided hands-on training in consulting psychology to graduate students from around the country: practica, pre-doctoral and post-doctoral internships. DRIC has also provided training in consulting psychology to external colleagues for over 15 years. The SCP Guidelines for Training in Consulting Psychology (American Psychologist. December, 2007) serves as a foundation for this video series.

These training video and audio media, documents and templates provide skills and discussions about consulting with individuals, teams and organizations. Transitioning and early career consultants, graduate students, those with non-consulting degrees, and those simply interested in gaining additional core-level training will benefit from these resources.

Consulting with Individuals

Skills emphasized in this series include: Individual-level intervention for job-related and career-related problems, executive and individual coaching, Individual assessment for purposes of employee selection or development and job analysis.

Consulting with Teams

Skills emphasized in this series include: group assessment, assessment of functional and dysfunctional groups, development of teams and group identities, inter-group assessments and interventions and the creation of group level teams in organizations.

Consulting with Organizations

Skills emphasized in this series include: understanding the organization, diagnosing organizational functioning and needs, and using tools and knowledge for organizational interventions.

Advanced Training

This series focuses on strengthening competencies in individual, team/group, and organizational consultation through the use of conceptualization, tools, assessments, and intervention.

Consulting & Practice Management Tools

This set of tools includes sales & consulting tools, tools targeting personal learning and development as a consultant, templates for traineeships (for supervisors, mentors, and trainers), product development tools, practice management tools, and technology tools for your practice.

Consulting Firm in a Box

You can purchase a copy of our whole company platform. Jump-start your practice with a complete set of tools and practice platform.  Consulting Firm in a Box includes not only consulting and practice management tools, but also a copy of the full operational and client service delivery platform. Great for startups and mature practices looking to be cutting edge in its automation.

Consulting to the Consultant

Dealing with a new client situation or challenge?  Want help to strengthen you practice - operations, strategy, or delivery?  Want some one-on-one advice about X?  the doctor is in - or one of the DRIC staff if you prefer!

Duration:  Hourly or by project
Price:  Sliding scale/custom quote