Frequently Asked Questions


I am interested in joining - what do I get for my money here?

There are 2 levels: 1. Free subscription to the site where you get access to a network of other consultants to swap expertise, and expert tips from Dr. John Fennig and staff. 2. “Pay-per-view” access to a full consultants toolbox and consulting skills training to individuals, teams, and organizations - click to see the course list and learning objectives.

Can I preview elements of the service prior to purchasing?

Yes. Check out these samples: free consulting tool - Meeting in a Box, and one free tip - Selection Assessments

How do I know this is a good investment for me?

Ask others who are subscribers, testimonials, summarize feedback to date, see our money-back guarantee.  People have been buying these since 2008 and the underlying content has been part of the training program at DRIC since 1991.

Will I have any guarantee of quality?

We offer a 100% satisfaction, unconditional money-back guarantee. While we have only been asked to refund money to clients twice since 1991, this stuff may not be your cup of tea - and we’re cool with that!

Are tools/forms/etc. available for use with my clients?

You get unlimited personal use of all tools forever. These are the same tools used with clients all over the country and world by DRI Consulting.

What are the system requirements for access to site tools and features?

Consider browser, multimedia tool (Quicktime, Flashplayer), sign up for

What is the duration of a purchased subscription?

Subscriptions are life-long. So stay healthy, eat well, and live long.

Are podcasts included in my subscription or are there additional fees for that content?

We do charge for the courses. This is how we generate income to fund the training site at DRI Consulting.

How do I connect with other consultants through this site? Is there a networking tool available?

The website is collaborative so feel free to post comments in our forum tools.

Do you offer subscription discounts for students or educators?

University site license - about the cost of $5 or so, but unlimited for students and staff.

Can I get additional logins for my staff with my subscription?

Only for schools . . .

Can content/tips be customized to my interests/company?

No… you are able to download content and tailor it to fit organizational needs but content is as-is on CPC website. You are able to post cases that are specific to your organization.

Where does my money go, how is it used?

Since 1991, DRIC has provided traineeships to students. All income from CPC goes to fund these traineeships. Think of it as one big bake sale by the PTA.